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Bienvenidos a

Jlaudio’s Extraordinary Café

Bienvenue, bem-vindo, buonvenuto, ようこそ, Welcome!

Hello travelers!

Welcome to Jlaudio’s Extraordinary Café! Feel free to shed los abrigos and enjoy un chocolat chaud or some pão de queijo. Parlate italiano? いいえ?Oh, it sounds like you might.

This is our virtual café hub where Claudia and I run a very limber ship. We’d love to tell you some of our stories before you head off on your next adventure. But if you’re in a hurry, we understand. This café is not bound by physical laws so we’ll see you again down the road. Come find us when you’re hungry for an extraordinary read, or, at the very least, unordinary. Oh, why thank you, this is a lovely corn.

If you’re wondering who we are, we’ve linked our jlister jlieces (“sister pieces” in Jlaudian) detailing our modus operandi when it comes to the Café, and what we’re looking to do here. Derring-do, hierophany, and a little A LOT of rigamarole to come!

Blog Revamp (from Claudia’s eyes) Blog Revamp (from Joe’s eyes)

Flavor of the Month

Dear Varsha

Hi Jlaudio, I’m Varsha C., a Expert and a user like you. Thanks for reaching out! I understand you are concerned about reusing the site address, that you had deleted. Deleting a site permanently removes it, its address (such as becomes unavailable for reuse for anyone. I’m sorry, cannot recycle…


Chapter 0.5 Boy Venn Diagram There is a flaming birthday candle stuck in a scoop of sorbet. I blow on it and wish for a boyfriend.  He is good at video games and cooking. We spend weeks doing these things together. We don’t kiss. I love the names he calls me; missy, fucker. It turns…

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